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Alcohol/Gas/Benzine Sensor MQ-3 Detector Breathalyser Module

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Alcohol/Gas/Benzine Sensor MQ-3 Detector Breathalyser Module

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Product Information
dipmicro Code DE4138
Added 2013-03-21
Manufacturer Generic
Manufacturer P/N MQ3
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Technical Summary
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Some sources claim sensitivity to smoke, but our experiment could not confirm. Conclusion - no (practical) sensitivity to smoke.

  • Operating voltage DC 3-5V approx 100mA
  • Sensitive to alcohol, ethanol and benzine (petroleum ether)
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Dual output - analog and digital open-collector
  • Dimensions 36.1 x 23.4mm


The pinout of the module:

+5VPower 3-5V
DOUTActive-low open-collector output
AOUTAnalog output

When we were testing it, we used almost spent bottle 70% isopropyl alcohol sitting horizontally placed the sensor into neck of open bottle and adjusted sensitivity. It took several seconds to register and then lighted on. However, after some time it turned off and sensitivity needed to be adjusted to turn on again. This may be either due to loss of sensitivity at prolonged exposure or voltage drop, not sure. The module was taking approx 102mA from 3.9V.