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LQFP48/TQFP48 Prototyping SMT/SMD Adapter DIP .6" Proto Module

Location: /Prototyping/SMT Adapters

LQFP48/TQFP48 Prototyping SMT/SMD Adapter DIP .6" Proto Module

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TQFP/LQFP adapter for prototyping SMT parts. Converts all signals to 0.6" Dual Inline format (DIP). Provides extra prototyping space for SMT or through hole components.

Adapters may come on a V-scored panel and in that case can be easily depanelized/snapped-off manually with minimum force.

Product Information
dipmicro Code DE2692
Manufacturer dipmicro
Manufacturer P/N PCB-LQFP48-DIP48B
Stock Type New
Restockable? No
Shipping Weight 3.0g / 0.106oz
Ship Cost Canada CP O/S Letter C$4
Ship Cost USA USPS First Class $4
Technical Summary
Packaging bulk
Dimensions 62 x 18mm (2.44 x 0.71in)
Material FR4
Thickness 1mm (0.039in)
SMT Spacing 0.5mm (0.0197in)
Package LQFP48
Outline DIP48 (0.6”)
Proto Pads 184 SMT + 64 TH


  • DIP48 outline (48 pins, 2.54mm (0.1") spacing, 15.24mm (0.6") wide)
  • plated through-holes
  • 184 SMT proto-pads w/ 1.27mm (0.05") spacing, mounts SOIC
  • 64 TH proto-pads w/ 2.54mm (0.1") spacing, mounts 0.3" wide DIP
  • solid 1.6mm FR4 material
  • easy to install pin header onto large pads
  • use in breadboard or carrier PCB
  • make your own reusable DIP modules

Prototyping Areas

PCB-LQFP48/DIP28 Example #1 PCB-LQFP48/DIP28 Example #2 PCB-LQFP48/DIP28 Example #3

Click the images to zoom.

The adapter contains two prototyping areas with 1.27mm spacing and up to DIP16 through holes. These areas provide several mounting possibilities. The pictures below are the examples of 1/2 of PCB-LQFP48-DIP48 used as DIP24 module and few mounting possibilities are shown. They can be also combined (e.g. DIPx from the bottom with SMT on the top, etc).

The extended pads at the bottom are for bypass capacitor and they are connected with corresponding pads above them in the middle two columns - for power distribution across proto area.