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Photoresistor 5516 100V 540nm Light 5~10k Dark 500k

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Photoresistor 5516 100V 540nm Light 5~10k Dark 500k

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Photoresistor in hermetical epoxy package, 540nm spectral peak, 10 lux resistance 5-10kOhm, dark resistance min 200kOhm 10sec after 10lux removed, 30ms rise, 40ms decay.

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Added 2013-06-05
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Technical Summary
More Info GL55 Series Photoresistor.pdf


Our testing shows these photoresistors are quite sensitive and slow. When darkened, resistance will be rising for long time even past the specified resistance. We had a 5516 (spec. 100-200k dark) go as high as 1M after about half minute. Datasheet specifies light resistance at 10 lux (e.g. movie theatre). For comparison direct sun is 32,000 - 100,000 lux. Dark resistance is specified as 10sec after 10lux is removed.

Do not cover photoresistor with anything conductive (e.g. your finger) because top has exposed live contacts. You will be measuring conductor, not the light.

Our measured resistance at normal office light (300-500lux) was 1.3k for 5516, 4k for 5528 and 9k for both 5539 and 5549, tested across 3 units per model.