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Soldering Wire 0.8mm 1.7m NOT Sn63/Pb37

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Soldering Wire 0.8mm 1.7m NOT Sn63/Pb37

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The label says 63/37, but this is most likely not Sn63Pb37. Read on below.

Product Information
dipmicro Code DE4128
Added 2013-04-16
Manufacturer Kaina
Stock Type New
Restockable? No
Shipping Weight 12g / 0.423oz
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This mystery soldering alloy is marketed as 63/37 with non-corrosive 2% flux, melting point 361°F/183°C. We purchased directly from Kaina, who are apparently well known respectable manufacturer in China. This same solder is all over Asian online shops.

Unfortunately this solder does not feel like 63/37. After our customer complaint we tried ourselves and it requires slightly higher melting temperature and there is some plasticity between melting point and liquid state (non eutectic).

We contacted Kaina and asked if they delivered lead free soldering wire instead of Sn63Pb37. They only said it's not lead free and melting point of this alloy is 223 celsius. According to this article, the Sn63Pb37 melting temperature is 182-183 celsius and alloy is supposed to be eutectic (no plasticity), so we came to two conclusions: 1) this alloy is not Sn63Pb37 and 2) Kaina knows exactly they are not selling 63/37 alloy. Asian suppliers sometimes try to cut corners in wrong places, and since market price for lead is 10x cheaper than tin there is a motivation to increase lead content.

You can use this for soldering but it does not feel right.